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    april, 2017

    1apr8:00 pmJasper Hoiby's Fellow CreaturesJazz Club:Vortex

    1apr9:30 pmEd JonesJazz Club:606

    2apr12:45 pm- 2:45 pmSunday JazzEnjoy the very best Dixieland jazzJazz Club:Queen's Theatre

    2apr1:30 pmLunchtime Special: Rebecca HollwegJazz Club:606

    2apr7:30 pmJasper Hoiby's Fellow CreaturesJazz Club:Vortex

    2apr8:30 pmEarl OkinJazz Club:606

    3apr8:00 pm- 9:30 pmAlfredo Rodriguez TrioJazz Club:Kings Place

    3apr8:00 pmSascha Ley & Laurent PayfertJazz Club:Vortex

    3apr8:30 pmRay Russell’s 70th Birthday Gig:Jazz Club:606

    4apr8:00 pmBlazing Flame QuintetJazz Club:Vortex

    4apr8:00 pmDan ReinsteinJazz Club:606

    4apr9:45 pmDill KatzJazz Club:606

    5apr8:00 pm- 9:30 pmDaniel HerskedalEdition Records at Kings PlaceJazz Club:Kings Place

    5apr8:00 pmBlow the Fuse presents Kathy Dyson and Michele DreesJazz Club:Vortex

    5apr8:30 pm**606 Club Special**Jazz Club:606

    6apr8:30 pm**606 Club Special**Jazz Club:606

    7apr1:30 pmBeverley Skeete & FriendsJazz Club:606

    7apr7:00 pm- 11:30 pmDiane ShawJazz Club:Hideaway

    7apr8:00 pm- 9:30 pmThe Late Trane: John Coltrane’s 1963–67 Compositions RevisitedJazz Club:Kings Place

    8apr7:00 pm- 11:30 pmTony MomrelleJazz Club:Hideaway

    8apr7:30 pmM.A.D. TRIOALBUM RELEASE CHARITY TOURJazz Club:The Bear Club

    8apr8:00 pmJohn Etheridge and Vimla RoweJazz Club:Vortex

    8apr9:30 pmBenn ClatworthyJazz Club:606

    9apr12:45 pm- 2:45 pmSunday JazzEnjoy the very best Dixieland jazzJazz Club:Queen's Theatre

    9apr1:30 pm606 Gospel Lunch:Jazz Club:606

    9apr5:00 pmM.A.D. TRIO Live in LondonALBUM RELEASE CHARITY TOURJazz Club:The Bear Club

    9apr7:30 pmChris Dowding plus Sudden Amusements plus Clive Bell, David Ross and Marjolaine CharbinJazz Club:Vortex

    9apr8:30 pmIan Shaw & FriendsJazz Club:606

    10apr8:00 pmArnie Somogyi’s “Jump Monk” QuintetJazz Club:606

    11apr8:00 pmPaul Dunmall, Liam Noble, John Edwards and Mark SandersJazz Club:Vortex

    12apr8:00 pmMatt Ridley BandJazz Club:Vortex

    12apr8:30 pmSimon AllenJazz Club:606

    13apr8:00 pm- 9:30 pmElliot Galvin TrioJazz Club:Kings Place

    13apr8:30 pmAcantha LangJazz Club:606

    14apr9:30 pmTony O’MalleyJazz Club:606

    15apr7:00 pm- 11:30 pmIzo FitzroyJazz Club:Hideaway

    15apr9:30 pmJulian Marc StringleJazz Club:606

    16apr12:45 pm- 2:45 pmSunday JazzEnjoy the very best Dixieland jazzJazz Club:Queen's Theatre

    16apr1:30 pmLunchtime Special: Jo HarropJazz Club:606

    16apr7:30 pmBarry Guy 70th Birthday CelebrationIntakt Records FestivalJazz Club:Vortex

    16apr8:30 pmWayne HernandezJazz Club:606

    17apr7:30 pmTrevor Watts & Dieter Ulrich plus Lucas Niggli, Jan Galega Brönnimann & Aly KeïtaIntakt Records FestivalJazz Club:Vortex

    17apr8:30 pmSimians of SwingJazz Club:606

    18apr8:00 pmIrene Schweizer & Louis Moholo-Moholo plus Omri Ziegele’s ‘Where’s Africa?’Intakt Records FestivalJazz Club:Vortex

    18apr8:30 pm**606 Club Special** Dominic MillerJazz Club:606

    19apr8:00 pmIrene Schweizer, Maggie Nicols plus Omri Ziegele’s Noisy MinorityIntakt Records FestivalJazz Club:Vortex

    19apr8:30 pmGareth LockraneJazz Club:606

    20apr8:00 pm- 10:45 pmTHE SONGBOOK SERIES with JESS RADCLIFFE TRIO

    20apr8:00 pmAlexander Von Schlippenbach plays Monk followed by Omri Ziegele, John Edwards & Mark SandersIntakt Records FestivalJazz Club:Vortex

    20apr8:30 pmSarah GillespieJazz Club:606

    21apr8:00 pmSarah Buechi, Lauren Kinsella, Hannah Marshall, John Edwards plus Schlippenbach Trio: Alexander von Schlippenbach, Evan Parker, Paul LovensIntakt Records FestivalJazz Club:Vortex

    21apr9:30 pmProtect the BeatJazz Club:606

    22apr8:00 pmIngrid Laubrock’s Sleepthief plus Sarah Buechi’s Shadow GardenIntakt Records FestivalJazz Club:Vortex

    22apr9:30 pmDave O'HigginsJazz Club:606

    23apr12:45 pm- 2:45 pmSunday JazzEnjoy the very best Dixieland jazzJazz Club:Queen's Theatre

    23apr1:30 pmLunchtime Special: Rachel SuttonJazz Club:606

    23apr7:30 pmChristoph Irniger Pilgrim plus Aki Takase & Ingrid LaubrockIntakt Records FestivalJazz Club:Vortex

    23apr8:30 pmGwyneth HerbertJazz Club:606

    24apr8:00 pmStefan Aeby Trio plus Aki Takase & Rudi MahallIntakt Records FestivalJazz Club:Vortex

    24apr8:30 pmTommy Blaize BandJazz Club:606

    25apr6:00 pmJulian Siegel QuartetJazz Club:Vortex

    25apr8:00 pmFlorian Egli Weird Beard plus Steve Beresford & Julian SartoriusIntakt Records FestivalJazz Club:Vortex

    25apr8:30 pmMark LockheartJazz Club:606

    26apr8:00 pmSylvie Courvoisier & Mark Feldman plus Pierre Favre DrumsightsIntakt Records FestivalJazz Club:Vortex

    26apr8:30 pmLily DiorJazz Club:606

    27apr7:00 pm- 11:30 pmMuddy Waters RememberedJazz Club:Hideaway

    27apr8:00 pmPierre Favre plus Sylvie Courvoisier, Mark Feldman, Evan ParkerIntakt Records FestivalJazz Club:Vortex

    27apr8:30 pmJohn East ProjectJazz Club:606

    28apr2:30 pm- 4:30 pmThe Andrew Linham QuartetA sublime afternoon of jazzJazz Club:Queen's Theatre

    28apr8:00 pmKeith Tippett with Louis Moholo-MoholoJazz Club:Vortex

    28apr9:30 pmSamaraJazz Club:606

    29apr8:00 pmMario BatkovicJazz Club:Vortex

    29apr8:00 pmjazz plus presents Jackson | Laarkjazz plus productionsJazz Club:Notting Hill Arts Club

    29apr9:30 pmBrandon Allen SextetJazz Club:606

    30apr12:45 pm- 2:45 pmSunday JazzEnjoy the very best Dixieland jazzJazz Club:Queen's Theatre

    30apr8:30 pmMichelle JohnJazz Club:606

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